Supervising Attorney: 

The Law Office of Daniel J. Spence, Esq.

     Affordable Paralegal Services ("APS") is an attorney supervised, cost effective solution for all of your legal needs.  Our services include, but are not limited to, the

      • Mining

      • Divorce

      • Custody/Child Support

      • Wills/Trusts

      • Probate

      • Bankruptcy

      • Real Estate

      • Business

      • Contracts

      • Corporations/LLC

      • Small Claims

      • Legal Research


      APS was started due to an increased need in combatting the high fees

lawyers charge for the simple preparation of common forms and documents.

The desired forms and documents are often prepared by paralegals, or legal

secretaries, and the cost is then passed on to the client in the form of high hourly

attorney fees. APS prepares common legal documents at your specific direction
and at a fraction of the cost of with the supervision of a licensed Nevada attorney.

Affordable Paralegal Services ("APS") is a low-cost, attorney supervised, self-help document preparation service. APS cannot, will not, and is further prohibited by Nevada law from providing individuals with legal advice. If you require legal advice, or your situation involves complex legal issues, please contact a licensed attorney or you may consult the supervising attorney.


HOURS:     M-F     9am - 2:30pm   Evening and Weekends by Appointment


Carson City Office:
520 S. Curry St.
Carson City, Nevada 89703
OFFICE (775) 883-0407

Affordable Paralegal Services -  520 S. Curry St., Carson City, NV 89703 Office (775) 883-0407

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